The availability of broadband is now regarded as a basic form of infrastructure necessary to serve all residential and commercial properties. There are however two challenges; to achieve universal coverage so anyone wanting to connect to the internet can do so (at a minimum speed of 2 MBS), and steady improvements in connection speed to cater for the ever growing volume of date being sent and received. The advent of superfast broadband (the current benchmark for which is a speed in excess of 24 MBS) is enabling a new range of services from digital entertainment to e-commerce to flourish and the future competitiveness and hence prosperity of the sub regions depends upon the development of the necessary infrastructure and then the take-up of such new services.

The Haven Gateway Partnership is therefore a strong advocate of the roll out of superfast broadband  and a committed supporter of the work being undertaken by its partners ranging from BT, which is progressing its commercial deployment of fibre around the sub region, to the initiatives led by Essex and Suffolk County Councils to extend rural coverage through funding from BDUK.

For more on broadband initiatives see:
COMING SOON: a webtool to show the roll out of superfast broadband across the Haven Gateway