"The strongest basis for regional economic growth is actually rooted in a sound understanding of a locality's economic advantage"
Sir Andrew Witty 2013

One of the key elements of successful advocacy by the Partnership has been its ability to support its lobbying with compelling evidence. Over the years, it has assembled a considerable body of information, from Employment Land Reviews to the Water Cycle Study and its Green Infrastructure Strategy known as “HaGGIS” to the Economic studies on the impact of the Ports and Logistics Sector. Much of this evidence now forms a common foundation for many local authority partner's Core Strategies. Equally, the Partnership monitors new national research as well as more in depth local research conducted by partners to build its body of knowledge about the sub region. 

The Partnership is committed to developing this evidence base to ensure it remains up to date and relevant and to distil from it what this means for the sub region at a strategic level. It is currently working with the University of Essex with a view to improving the contents of these pages with that specific aim in mind.

COMING SOON - The Haven Gateway Data Vault. Watch this space for details.