Vision and Objectives

The Haven Gateway Partnership’s vision is:

“To deliver a thriving economy in a high quality environment for its residents and visitors, by capitalising on its location as a key gateway associated with the Haven Ports, realising its potential for significant growth, addressing its needs for economic regeneration, creating an additional focus on knowledge based employment and SMEs while protecting and enhancing its natural assets”

Key objectives for the Partnership going forward are:

  • To promote the continuing success of the ports and logistics sector
  • To lobby to secure improvements to major infrastructure eg the A120, A12 and A14 and for further improvements to the Ipswich to London rail service and F2N freight service.
  • To support sustainable development particularly in the major urban centres including the release of major sites/spatial areas
  • To develop key economic assets such as BT’s facilities at Adastral Park/Innovation Martlesham and the Knowledge Gateway at the University of Essex
  • To help expand the sub-regional offer in terms of business incubation and innovation
  • To bring partners together on a collaborative basis to support the work of the New Anglia and South East Local Enterprise Partnerships and to secure appropriate recognition of the sub region's potential for growth and need for investment
  • To support its partner local planning authorities in meeting their obligations under the Duty to Co-operate