Strategic Road Infrastructure

Despite the importance attached to transport by rail and sea routes, particularly for freight, and the growing importance of high speed universal broadband for business and residents to reduce the need to travel, strategic road links remain vitally important to the Haven Gateway sub region.

Another area of lobbying has been the A14. The A14 connecting the area to Cambridge and the Midlands is now, at last, likely to receive some long awaited improvements, but it is expected that this will be at the expense of tolling. The A12 and A120 have no such investment proposals in place although have been the subject of one of the country's first Route Based Strategy pilot exercises by the Highways Agency.

A extract from the draft strategy suggesting the key areas of growth and also predicted 2020 stress levels is shown below:

The key strategic road links to the Haven Gateway suffer from a significant level of underinvestment going back many years. The Partnership's campaign to achieve the improvement of the A120 is one of its most important projects at the present time. For details please follow the link below.